Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Lab # 4 - Centrify Standard Suite Installation and Setup

In this lab
  • We will install the Centrify Standard Suite Access Manager
  • We will initialize Access Manager and specify License and Zone locations
  • Verify the ADUC extensions in CLIENT1
Install the Centrify Standard Suite Access Manager

  1. Log on to CLIENT1 as Bryant Wheeler
  2. Open Windows Explorer and connect to \\APP1\Files.  Copy the Centrify Installation folder to CLIENT1's desktop  (this is not to perform the install over the network)
  3. Open the folder and navigate to DirectManage64 and run Setup.
  4. On the Welcome page, click next, agree to the license terms and click next, type your company's information and click next.
  5. In the components page, un-check "Direct Manage Access - Utilities" and click next
  6. Click next in the Destination folder
  7. Click next in the Disable Publisher verification page  (our lab is not connected to the web)
  8. Click next in the summary page, then next to start the installation.  Click finish when done.
Initialize Access Manager
  1. Open the Access Manager icon on your desktop.
  2. Press OK in the  Connect to forest window.
  3. Click Next in the Welcome and User Credentials pages
  4. In the Specify Licenses containers page, click browse and specify the Licenses OU under the top-level UNIX OU and press next.  Click yes in the Pop-op dialog-box.
  5. In the Install license keys, specify the key given to you by Centrify or select the 30 day evaluation license and click next.
  6. In the Default Zone containers page, click browse and specify the Zones OU under the top-level UNIX OU.  Press next.
  7. Un-check the check-box in the Delegation page, and press next.
  8. Click next in the AD notification handler page
  9. Check the box in the Activate Pages page and click next in the summary, then click Finish.
Verify the ADUC property page
  1.  Open ADUC
  2. Go to the Staff OU and double click Bryant's account.
  3. Verify that there's a Centrify Tab in the user object's properties.

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