Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Security Corner: Centrify and SANS Critical Security Controls - A Near Perfect Fit (3/5)

This is part 3 of the series on leveraging Centrify to implement SANS Critical Security controls - Section 12: "Controlled use of Administrative Privileges".

CSC 12-7 Utilize access control lists to ensure that administrative accounts are used only for system administration activities, and not for reading e-mail, composing documents, or surfing the Internet. Web browsers and e-mail clients especially must be configured to never run as administrator.

Why should you do this?
To limit the exposure of administrative accounts to malware.

What is the typical approach?
On Windows:  Two sets of accounts are given to administrators,  a "dash-a" account and a normal account.  On the server side, to access the internet there's an air gap or the proxy server does not allow the servers or the "dash-a" account to go out to the internet.  The IE Enhanced Security mode is enforced.

On UNIX:  Systems are crippled from internet access or GUIs.  The email/surfing computer is different from the server systems.

What is the real challenge for organizations?
Human nature - people find ways to go around this, especially in the process of doing their actual jobs.  In the times of "knowledge on demand" having an internet browser to consult FAQs and community boards is very common.

Centrify's enhancers:
It's not all about just giving separate accounts, but being able to establish additional controls, like scope of systems, types of roles, privilege effectiveness, logon experience and flexible assignments.

CSC 12-10 Configure systems to issue a log entry and alert when an account is added to or removed from a domain administrators' group, or when a new local administrator account is added on a system.

Why should you do this?
At basic level this is a detective control, all administrative access should be traced back to an approval, otherwise this is misuse or a data-breach.

What is the typical approach?
Log aggregation.  Logs from multiple systems are sent to an enterprise security operations dashboard.

What is the real challenge for organizations?
Log aggregation lends itself for NOISE, then the log aggregation needs to be complemented by a data mining engine;  this is all to make sure that what's happening out there is authorized.

Centrify's enhancers:
  • A Centrify deployment limits the local root or administrator account to break-glass situations.  They are not needed.
  • Centrify (without any modification) augments log aggregation.  Therefore, the existing collection mechanisms can have richer data.
  • Plus, Centrify reporting shows you what are the AD principals that grant the administrative roles, if things are tied to a Workflow or an IDM, anything that is not there by way of approvals will be identified quickly or rolled back.
  • Plus Centrify DirectAudit provides the ability to view or audit who makes changes to the governance model.

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