Sunday, March 2, 2014

Lab 16: Configuring ZPA for Automatic UNIX Group Provisioning


Automatic Provisioning for Users:

Part 1

  1. We configure grant the proper rights to the Centrify ZPA AD service account
  2. We create the Source Group
  3. We create a test group (UNIX-HQ-webadmin) and nest it to the source group.
  4. We test and verify that automatic provisioning is working

Part 2

  1. We verify that add/moves/changes are working as expected.
  2. We modify the UNIX group profile with account overrides
  3. We modify the UNIX group provisioning to automatically set the unix name and GID based on our needs.
  4. We add the dbaadmin group.
  5. We verify that regardless of the membership, only the users who have been granted rights to the system are the ones in the NSS group.

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