Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Labs: Basic Group Policy Setup and Testing


Centrify provides group policy objects that can be used in UNIX/Linux platforms.  Prior to reviewing this post, read topic here: http://centrifying.blogspot.com/2014/01/basics-using-group-policy-on-unixlinux.html.

In this lab:

  1. We set up a GPO and delegate access
  2. We add the Centrify templates for UNIX, Linux and CentrifyDC
  3. We modify the Password Prompts (login, password changes, etc)
  4. We change the Banner in the sshd_config file to point to /etc/issue
  5. We run the adgpupdate command
  6. We review the GPO Changes  (banner)
  7. We attempt to violate the Password policy using the passwd command in Linux
  8. We inspect the contents of the gp.report under /var/centrifydc/reg/machine


  1. Do you have any suggestions for tools to be used for managing the testing of commands + arguments on the Unix or Linux command line?

  2. I should be putting up some videos soon about implementing the UNIX commands with Centrify-enhanced sudo.
    Is there any specific content you're looking for?